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A Family Law case can be very emotional, very stressful and at times very confusing. Should we file for divorce or for legally separation? Who will receive custody of the children and what will the visitation schedule be? Will I have to pay child or spousal support? Am I able to receive child or spousal support? How will our property be divided? These are just some of the questions that are likely swirling around in your mind as you start this process. Let the Law Office of David C. Watts use their experience and knowledge in this field to help guide you through this difficult time.

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A Personalized strategy for every case. Every case is different and deserves a unique approach.  We work to develop a personalized strategy for each case.

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Our goal is to educate each client as to the status of the law on relevant issues.  With the proper knowledge of the law, our clients can make the best informed decisions about their case.

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We offer transparent representation based on honesty and integrity.

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

5 stars

“David Watts is a great choice!”

David Watts has done a fantastic job thus far in representing me. He is kind and understanding and knows the law! He has a no nonsense approach and I like that. Simple and straight forward. Honest and fair.

I chose to hire David Watts in August, 2017 to represent me in my legal separation/divorce case. I say “chose” because there are many attorneys to choose from and that choice alone is overwhelming! Given the destructive and emotionally painful nature of divorce, no additional stress is needed. My sincere hope is that this review will help someone else by saving them some time and money and alleviate some stress in the decision making process. My choice to hire David Watts to represent me was made after having consultations with four other attorneys over the course of an approximate six month period of time prior to August, 2017. I had an acquaintance ask me, as if shocked I had consulted with so many others prior to hiring David Watts, “weren’t any of the other four attorneys competent enough”? I am sure they were competent, however, they were not the right fit for me. I had consultations with both female and male attorneys. When I met with David Watts for my initial consultation, I knew he was the right attorney for me. I felt at ease and comfortable in our meeting. I compare my consultation with David Watts to the feeling of “sitting and talking with a brother or friend who happens to knows a lot about divorce”. I am so glad I listened to my instinct and waited until hiring David Watts. David Watts is a man of integrity and character. When I told him who opposing counsel was, he had the opportunity to say negative things about this attorney. He did no such thing, and I value that! He has remained true to character throughout this long process. I have actually told him, “I am so glad you are not a creepy attorney”. I did not want an attorney who would fight dirty either. There are no winners in a divorce, but having the right attorney will ensure that you receive what is entitled to you. David Watts has done a fantastic job thus far in representing me. He is kind and understanding and knows the law! He has a no nonsense approach and I like that. Simple and straight forward. Honest and fair. He and the office staff have always returned my calls in a timely manner, and Nicole Thomson, has always answered all of my questions so graciously! My marriage was one of 25 years where my spouse the primary bread winner. Our children are grown so we have no parenting/custody issues. I highly recommend David Watts…God bless you!

– Previous Client

5 stars

“David Watts resolve the issue”

I went to 4 different divorce lawyers. I picked David because of his approach to the case. While every other lawyer acted like a car salesman and tried to over sell their self, David gave me honest opinion of the case, where I stand and what I should do…

…Instead of trying to get me to sign him, he literally told me to wait for the next move from the other party. His advice was good for my case, even though it did not benefit him. I made some mistakes from my side in handling the case on my own, but, David came with me to the court 3 times and appeared in front of 2 different judges. He worked tirelessly to try and find amicable solution between me and my wife. My wife was not very keen on making compromises but, David’s constant effort was seen by me and the judge! Judge commended him for trying to solve the issues without her intervention and because of that, judge was more sympathetic to help me and David resolve the issue. His handle on understanding, how judge is perceiving the case is extra ordinary. Each time he told me, what the judge may be thinking and leaning toward and he was right every time. He is also extremely honest with his billing process. I would hire David for any type of domestic dispute without any doubts.

– Previous Client

What Our Clients Say

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